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Humanistic Counselling

"Counselling can be the opportunity to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable without the fear of what others might think."

What is it?

The aim of counselling is to give the individual space to explore their feelings and concerns in a safe environment; discover what your core issues might be and clarify ways of resolving these and moving towards a greater sense of well-being.  

For students, counselling also offers the chance to explore personal or educational difficulties in a practical though confidential way with a therapy professional. Although teachers often are a great support to their students, we recognise that sometimes pupils need someone outside their friends, family or school to turn to for help.  Counselling can provide the strategies to enable them to feel more sense of control in the present and gain new coping skills for the future.

How does it work?

Counselling is a two way, collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential relationship that enables a child or teenager to arrive at their own informed decisions and find their own answers.

Most of us experience emotional distress or difficulties at some time in our lives, and may find it hard to cope.  Making the decision to see a counsellor can help you to assess the situation, clarify your situation so as to face your difficulty with less anxiety and tension.


How can it help the pupils or teachers in my school?

Change in any form can be stressful such as a bereavement or parent’s divorce which can impact all areas of a young person’s life.   You may have pupil’s who are struggling with the stress of exams or having issues with learning, which impacts both the individual and the school.  Although teachers do their best, it is often easier for a young person seeing someone outside their close circle of friends and family, without the fear of being judged.


"Alex worked hard with all her students to make sure they received the best care, support and guidance. They all appreciated her efforts and her kindness and approachability"

Head of Pastoral care, Anthony Gell school


At Lotus Evolution, we have years of experience and success with working to promote the enhancement of young people’s Wellbeing in the field of education.

For more information on how counselling can benefit your staff and pupils, contact us or phone: 07950 568635.