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Couple Therapy

What is it?

The national institute for clinical excellence (NICE) added couples therapy as a recommend treatment for depression in 2009. In randomized control trials behavioural couples therapy has been shown to be effective. However the results have been found to be strengthened by adding empathic work.

Couples therapy with Lotus Evolution can be useful for a wide variety of issues as well as depression such as marital disharmony, or even to strengthen your existing relationship. Our approach utilizes both a skills and empathic approach in line with evidence on best practice. It will help you to identify repeated, unhelpful or stuck patterns of communication which might be maintaining difficulties. It can also help you as a couple to find shared understandings/meanings for your difficulties before moving on to build strengths and acceptance/tolerance of each others vulnerabilities. There will be space in the sessions to practice new skills which you can carry forward in your relationship.


How do I book a session?

As professional Family Therapists, you can book a private session with Jon Taylor or Michael Napthine in our clinic in Derby or on Skype.  To book your free 20 minute consultation, please contact us or phone (+44) 07950 568635


Couple Therapy