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Testimonials from our clients

What previous clients are saying...

"Our daughter was diagnosed with extreme Panic and Anxiety Disorder over a year ago now.  Having become frustrated with the already exhausted NHS services on offer I researched private therapists and the advice they had to offer.  It was by chance that I came across Alex’s website, read these recommendations and took heart from what had been written – I am so glad I did!  To watch our beautiful and witty teenage daughter disintegrate before our eyes into someone with no self-esteem or self-belief is a painful experience and one my husband and I felt completely out of control of.  I cannot begin to understand how it must have felt for one so young to experience first-hand. 

From the first meeting our daughter’s condition began to improve, progress continued to be on-going and after only about 6 sessions she was able to cope so much better.  She no longer needed to see Alex and started attending school part time and going into town – something she had felt almost impossible for months previously.  Now as I write this our daughter is facing the everyday life challenges we think nothing of with a much more positive attitude.  She enjoys time with her friends, attends school full time and is a typical teenager - even looking forward to and making decisions about her future. 

I am so grateful to Alex who has proved to be an excellent and talented therapist giving advice to us and amazing results for our daughter in a very short space of time.  If I have one regret it is that I did not find out about Alex sooner - it would have saved us all a great deal of heartache especially Sophie."  L Hadfield, Derbyshire

"When my 15yr old daughter told me she was feeling very anxious, depressed, had some agoraphobia, couldn't sleep, was struggling at school and had stopped mixing with her friends. I was really quite frightened. I realised she had been unwell for a while but I had put it down to 'normal teenage behaviours'. I was wrong; things were worse than that and I really didn't know how to fix things. A friend recommended Alex as she had helped her daughter with anxiety and depression. I got in touch and Alex immediately reassured me that she could help my daughter, she gave us an urgent appointment and some tips of how to help in the meantime. My daughter connected with Alex straight away and I could see Alex was someone she could open up to.  Alex helped my daughter to manage her GCSE anxiety, fears, sleep disturbances and a recent bereavement. I thought it would take years for my daughter to get better but it didn't, it took weeks and that's thanks to the strategies Alex provided her with. My daughter is now a 'normal teenager', she is happy, funny, relaxed, has a part time job, goes out with her friends, she is much more confident.  The techniques Alex gave her will always be there for her to use. I can't thank Alex enough for helping me get my daughter back."
Linda Watson, Derbyshire

"My daughter feels you have given her enough strength to move on from the past and make changes in her life. Things are very, very different for her now and you have managed to put my daughter back together again.  She is bonding with her peers at college and has just enjoyed her first social event with friends for almost 3 years!  Incredible!  I am beyond indebited to you Alex, thankyou is not enough."   Chris, Derby


"I first came to see Alex in June after suffering from a breakdown, based around suicidal thoughts - I'd been depressed for years. Together we talked about what had brought on the depression, what had happened in my life, and a first for any of the counsellors I'd seen, she gave me the tools to deal with my problems. We used a variety of talking, CBT and EMDR techniques to change my perspective on life -  so much so that I had the confidence to completely start a new life, changing university and moving somewhere completely new with my boyfriend. I only saw her for half a dozen sessions, but it was enough to bring me back to the person I used to be.
To anyone hesitating to see her, I would completely recommend it, the price is very reasonable (hey, I'm a student and I could afford it with the last of my loan!), and she is VERY good - definitely worth paying for."                           
Fiona S, Loughborough


"I’ve only being seeing Alex for a relatively short period of time but in this time she has helped me transform my life beyond anything I could have imagined. Alex has helped me recognise the rather toxic relationships in my life and the unhealthy tendencies I have. She has truly helped me, and continues to help me overcome these by providing me with the techniques to cope now and in the future. She has improved my self-esteem beyond measure and made me feel like a new person. She has helped me realise why I was feeling so low and has given me the tools to take control of my life so I can move forward in the direction I want to go in.

I have learned to value my happiness and put myself first in a good way. As a result of this I have become more confident as a person & this has helped me no end with taking control of my life and doing the things I want to do. I cannot praise Alex enough and would definately recommend her to anyone; she’s a truly amazing therapist, so easy to talk to and a real life saver.Thank you Alex."  Aby, 21 years old


"I first approached Alex to help with my low self esteem issues that I have had all my life. She gave me the tools to become aware of my negative thought patterns so that I was able to change them. I used to be fairly shy about meeting new people, especially because of my weight. However, I now understand that I am more than my weight problem and I truely appreciate myself as I am. Whilst I had sessions with Alex, she also helped me with my addictions to chocolate and putting conditions on my happiness. She taught me how to tap away these cravings and thoughts. My life has improved greatly since seeing Alex. I am more content with myself and my family relationships have also improved as a result of this. I am more motivated at work and university and can finally say that I am happy with myself now- no ifs or buts. It is hard to believe that I have changed so much with only five sessions with Alex. Anyone who believes they need help, contact Alex and from the moment you meet her, your life will change for the better. Thank you Alex!"  Jennifer, 21, Derby


"When I first came to start my sessions with Alex I was suffering from terrible anxiety and I was desperate for help as I was unable to eat or sleep as a result of my constant feelings of fear. I started therapy within three days of contacting Alex, this was a huge relief to me and I had been told other treatments had a waiting list of at least 14 weeks. My treatment consisted of mostly of EMDR and Bach's Flower Remedies but also included CBT. I had seven 1 hour sessions in both Derby and Cromford and began to feel back to normal after only the first couple of hours. Now that I have completed my seven hours I feel like an entirely new person. Alex not only helped me to change the thought patterns that caused my feelings of anxiety but also taught me how to diffuse situations before they became stressful to me. Each of my sessions was worth every penny and I would recommend her to anybody."  Bryony, 16 years, Derbyshire


“My teenage daughter had been suffering from low mood and low self esteem for 2 years which she had kept to herself. She gradually spent more and more time on her own in her room,was very tearful and withdrew herself from friends and made up excuses to avoid meeting up with them. Even after only one session I could see an improvement in my daughter’s mood and with only half a dozen sessions my daughter was back to her old self and socialising with her friends again. The transformation has been amazing and so rapid. My daughter has more inner confidence now than she has ever had before. Alexandra has a lovely personality - calming and caring which made it easy for my daughter to open up to her. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her.” AF Loughborough


"My daughter aged 17 years has been suffering from anxiety attacks for over a year. After visiting the doctors who wanted to prescribe strong anti depressants, we found Alex on her website.  I can not recommend Alex enough, she has helped my daughter to manage her anxiety attacks and has dealt with issues that she had.  My daughter is now a more confident, happier person and this is all thanks to Alex."   AC, Derbyshire


"My daughter aged 13 suddenly developed an acute disaffection for school which appeared to come from nowhere. Despite trying to discuss the potential cause with her it became apparent that if I did not get her some help quickly that this was only going to get much worse. She would refuse to go to school and then run off in order to avoid being taken. She was sleeping on the floor in my bedroom at night and became reluctant to leave the house even to see friends. I have to say that it was a very frightening time and something that I never imagined I would have to deal with….. my lovable and funny daughter had suddenly become an unfamiliar and deeply anxious person.

I read Alex’s details on the website and decided that, despite my reservations about my child seeing a ‘Counsellor’, contacted her. Straight away I was afforded some comfort by being given some tips on how to deal with her behaviour before the first meeting…that helped.  Alex was very calm and empathetic with my daughter. She was put at ease from the beginning and reassured that what she was experiencing was not unlike what other young people like her were too. I know that made a big difference. Alex also suggested using the Bach remedies and I have to say the results were literally overnight! Being a sceptic I thought that this was coincidental at first but I am now absolutely sure that they have and continue to make a huge difference.

Some 3 months later and my daughter is back to her old self. She sings in the morning when drying her hair and we chat all the way to school when I am dropping her off. My nights are no longer disturbed by a worried girl dragging her quilt and cushion into my room and she happily goes over to meet with her friends. A truly remarkable difference and one that I did not believe I would see. Alex’s support has been brilliant and I would certainly encourage anyone to ‘give her a go’ no matter how well you think you can sort it yourself…a problem shared has certainly been our saviour!!"

Helen M, Derbyshire April 2012

“I would like to strongly recommend Alex’s services. I started with Alex a shadow of my former self and left feeling back to being ‘me’. Alex made me feel extremely comfortable from the very start and I opened up to her about issues I would have never dreamt of even speaking out loud to myself, never mind a stranger. She has not only changed my life, but also my partner’s. Even though he did not attend the sessions, it has proven that my positive energy and change of thought processing has had a massive effect on him too. I cannot stress enough how much I would recommend this service to anyone with an issue, big or small.
Thankyou Alex – You not only brought ‘me’ back, but saved my relationship.”
Kate S, Derbys

"Alex uses"I suffered with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for over ten years. I always felt that these were caused by growing up in a violent household. I was scared of everything and life had become a difficult chore, rather than a pleasure. I was completely lost and had no confidence in myself or my ability to achieve anything.
I found Alex's website and i thought i'd give it a go! I was a little apprehensive as i'd seen other therapists in the past who weren't able to help me. I'm pleased to say, Alex was the total opposite! She was very, very understanding and calming. I was completely myself with her and found for the first time in my life I could talk about what had distressed me for years. Alex helped me to understand myself and move forward . I felt better and better after every appointment with Alex and I was really suprised at how quickly I noticed changes in myself. I now feel like the old me; confident, out going, and happy. I've said goodbye to anxiety and panic attacks and I no longer feel down about my life. I am up beat and always see the positive rather the negative.
I genuinely thought there was no hope for me, but I was very wrong. I would highly recommend Alex and her range of therapies."
Hannah B, Derbyshire

 "I did not realise what lay deep beneath my happy outlook on life and in time uncovered emotional blockages which now I am completely free of – I can deal with things in a different way now which is far more cleansing for your mind and body and I feel stress free and cannot imagine having another panic attack or IBS again – my mind is in control and Alex goes through exercises that help you deal with negative situations.
In conclusion to my time within the last 6 months of meeting Alex I have closed down my recruitment agency which was the right thing to do after 14 years, sold my house and moved to another area with my new partner of 4 months.  This is a testimonial to Alex and the wonderful service she can bring to people and also the aftercare and natural healing remedies which have all been part of this hard but wonderful healing process.Thankyou"
Sarah Smart

"After a few weeks of going to these sessions I started to see in a difference in myself. Me being the way I had always knew myself to be but from past, present and future situations had changed me over the years. It was so nice, such a great feeling to be me again. It’s so hard to explain it but I would advise anyone to give it ago. It may take some people a little longer and still may need a little help after as I also found the Bach remedies helped me extremely well and still are!!
Give it ago, don’t not try it…… really is brilliant and worth every penny spent!!!!"

“I have had issues over my weight ever since I was a child having suffered from an eating disorder, and I can honestly say that is all behind me now thanks to discovering Emotional Freedom Technique. I can now look in the mirror and like what I see!”  
NT, Derbyshire

“ Alex has helped me massively with many issues through EFT - particularly a long standing body image issue that has bothered me for almost 6 years. I felt so much lighter after working through it and she is so understanding - especially with issues I felt embarrassed about. The real proof was when I went on holiday and found that for the first time in years I wasn't embarrassed about my body! Perhaps even verging on confidence - and that for the first time in years I wasn't embarrassed about my body! Perhaps even verging on confidence - and that for me is amazing. Thank you so much Alex.”
Kelly M, Glasgow

"Alex is a naturally gifted therapist with great insights into the full workings of the unconscious mind. She has helped me enormously on my own path to health and happiness and I have recommended her on many occasions and continue to do so. Her NLP and EFT skills, encompassed with her extensive background and experience in counselling make her unique in being able to deliver results in a relatively short timeframe. If you really are committed to change, then I would highly encourage you to invest a course of sessions with her."
Daniel Hill, Kidderminster

"Alex's approach helped immensely with my son Matthew, who following my divorce being increasingly depressed and withdrawn.  Since the sessions with Alex, he is back to his old self and much happier both at school and at home, and his performance in all his subjects has improved. Thankyou."  
Ms M, Derby- Parent  

"I have been overwhelmed  with how effective and how I've responded to the NLP sessions. Alex is an extremely good listener and a very talented professional. She has been very adaptive to my needs, in just 6 sessions the  difference in my wellbeing has been remarkable.
I would recommend Alex without any hesitation. The Bach's remedies are well worth a try too!"
Kate Derbyshire

"I saw Alex details on the website when I was in a crisis following the death of my dear mother. I thought a few sessions for grief counselling would soon have me on my way and back to work. With Alex's support, coaching and facilitation i soon realised that the crisis was just a catalyst for the many issues I had. Over a period of time these issues were explored and brought to the surface. Alex taught me lots of techniques to aid my recovery including learning how to enjoy doing things for myself. With Alex's support I learned how to value myself, spend time enjoying myself and to focus on the things that are important to me. Alex assisted me to balance the challenges life brings whilst enjoying things as they happen. I feel very positive about life now and this has had a positive impact on my husband, children and our family life. I have ended my employment after 27 years and with Alex's support I have learnt the art of acceptance and rekindled my creative side to enjoy my new life at home developing the things that are important to me.I could never have imagined being a full time mother and a wife but I am loving it. I am enjoying spending time spoiling myself and developing the many interests that have been dormant for several years. I could not have made these changes in my life without the excellent support and facilitation from Alex and would recommend Alex to you."
SB Leicestershire

"I first took my son Noel, who is 7, to see Alex at the beginning of the summer holidays. Noel had an acute fear of balloons, and anything that made a "popping" noise, such as fireworks, crackers and party poppers. Within 2 sessions we were able to go to the shop and purchase a packet of balloons which Noel then passed to me to put up. We have since progressed to playing balloon tennis, and even watching the fireworks out of the window this Guy Fawkes night.  Previously my son would not even enter a room with a balloon in it!! I can not praise Alex enough for her patience, humour and skill in teaching Noel the "magic tapping" which has changed his life, and mine. I would not hesitate to recommend her and the techniques she used - she is a miracle worker!"
Jemma Wills